If you wanted to rob a high-end Las Vegas casino, I imagine the best plan would be something involving an inside accomplice, cutting-edge technology, stealth, and a well-planned getaway. The "run in and grab what you can" method would not be the primary choice of most successful casino robbers.

Don't tell that to 24 year-old Michael Belton and his can-do spirit! Last May, Belton decided to grab a mysterious helper named "Carlos," put on a wig, and run into the high-stakes area at the Bellagio in order to make off with a fortune. From the LAT:

Carlos sprayed the dealer and the gamblers surrounding the table as Belton snatched 23 $5,000 chips, as many as he could carry, worth $115,000, according to a police report.

The plan called for the pair to high-tail it out of the casino — apparently ignoring all the witnesses there — and rendezvous at a Mandalay Bay hotel room, where they would hand off the chips to a third accomplice. The third man would claim to be a high roller and exchange the stolen chips for cash; the men would then split the money three ways, the report said.

Instead Belton just got tackled right there and arrested.

Days later, in a jailhouse interview, he said "I'm an idiot."

[LAT. Photo: Tim Parkinson/ Flickr]