OK, take this one with a grain of salt — it comes from a British tabloid, so a big grain — but the latest unverifiable rumor in the Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson saga is that RPattz wants to have a talk with Liberty Ross, the model wife of the man who had a fling with KStew.

Pattinson is allegedly really into conflict mediation: earlier, it was reported that he was hoping for a one-on-one talk with Rupert Sanders, the director who illicitly cuddled his girl.

In this case, the story is that Pattinson needs to know if the affair was indeed a "momentary indiscretion," as Stewart claimed in her press release, or if it was going on for months. The Mirror's mysterious source explains Pattinson's state of mind.

He needs to know for his own peace of mind if theirs was just a fleeting moment. He hopes Liberty can help him find the answers he so desperately craves.

Look, it's at least as believable as the gambling story.

Gossip hounds who have been following this story know that Liberty Ross's brother Leopold already claimed the affair went on for six months. Sorry, Rob. Good luck on the closure, though.

[Image via WENN.com]