Mitt Romney's campaign announced Tuesday the release of a free smartphone app that will let users know Romney's pick for vice president as soon as it is announced, "before the press and just about everyone else (except maybe Ann)," two butlers, Romney's head falconer, and the family's standard bearer (and apprentice standard bearer).

The application will update as soon as the announcement is released from campaign headquarters, which will probably still be well after the name has already become a trending topic on Twitter.

In the official press release, Romney's Digital Director Zac Moffatt described Mitt's vice presidential choice as "the biggest political decision of the year," though one could argue that the results of the presidential campaign in November will constitute a slightly bigger political decision.

Romney is expected to choose his running mate soon, in advance of the Republican National Convention, which kicks off in sunny Tampa on August 27, though the app description on the iTunes website notes "there's no telling when" Romney will make his announcement.

Maybe he's already made it in the time you've been reading these words. Maybe it's become old news and now people are sick of talking about it. Maybe you wake up one morning in a loveless domestic partnership, working at a job going nowhere, and financially supporting a son who doesn't respect you. You should have downloaded the app.

The Washington Post notes that back in 2008, the Obama campaign announced Joe Biden as Barack Obama's running mate via text message. That message went out at 3a.m., hours after word of Obama's decision had already leaked, causing some to grumble that Obama was blowing up their phones at 3 a.m. for no reason.

Republican nominee John McCain also attempted to text his supporters the announcement of Governor Sarah Palin as his choice for VP, but accidentally sent everyone a blurry picture of the floor instead.

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