Former Michele Bachmann aide Barb Heki is suing the congresswomen and several of her aides over the alleged theft of a private email list. Heki says the list, which she used as part of her work on the Iowa home-school network, was stolen from her private computer by Bachmann's Iowa chairperson, Kent Sorenson.

To make matters worse, the Bachmann campaign attributed the emails they sent to the list to Heki, which apparently pissed off the home schooling people so much that they removed Heki from all their email lists.

This whole ordeal is the worst thing that's ever happened to Heki, literally.

"It's been the most devastating thing that's happened to me in my whole life," Heki told The Associated Press on Monday.

Michele Bachmann supporters, past and present: the absolute best this country has to offer.

[Image via AP]