America's sweetheart Pitbull made good on his promise to fulfill the internet's longstanding dream of sending him to a far off, inaccessible place when he visited Kodiak, Alaska earlier today. The visit was the result of a contest Pitbull held with a company that sells "energy strips," which promised to send the multi-talented rapper to the Wal-Mart with the most likes on Facebook. Naturally, forces of the internet troll-rigged the competition so that Kodiak, Alaska's Wal-Mart won by a significant margin. Almost making up for all the other shit he's put us through, Pitbull played along and seemed to enjoy himself, even agreeing to fly-out David Thorpe, one of the prank's organizers.

Lucky for us, Thorpe live-tweeted the event:

The mayor presented Pitbull with a key to the city, while a Wal-Mart manager gave him a more practical gift:

And Kodiak residents welcomed him with a performance:

Pitbull signed autographs and met with local Kodiak folks at the town's Wal-Mart before flying back on a private jet. And Thorpe did his part by thanking the people responsible for the event:

[Image via Pitbull]