The internet is having a tantrum over NBC's terrible coverage of the Olympics. It's an entertaining spectacle, but nothing new. Since the early days of the World Wide Web, it's been used to shit on NBC's coverage of the Olympics.

The fantastic Twitter account wwwtxt, which tweets real quotes from old message boards and Usenet groups, has dug up some vintage griping from the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

Amazing how little has changed in two decades:

You can tell this was the first year Bob Costas hosted:

Even back then, snobby "cable-cutters" were above it all:

And this person's faith in the market was proven unfounded:

Bonus CBS complaining:

The internet Olympics backlash was always there, as if complaining about Olympics coverage was built into the very architecture of the World Wide Web. The difference is, back then a bunch of computer geeks complaining on Usenet groups didn't amount to much. But today, with the #NBCfail hashtag trending and Twitter-addicted journalists joining in, the internet has become an unstoppable whining machine. The squeaky gears of progress turn on.