On Friday, Sarah Palin tweeted/Facebooked a picture of herself and her husband in a Chick-fil-A looking so fucking happy. They're way happier than the oldest gay couple in America on their wedding day. Sarah and Todd are beaming hateful joy. It's really visceral.

"Stopped by Chick-fil-A in The Woodlands to support a great business," is the caption.

Palin also posted a picture of herself with the Sassy Feet Dance Squad in that same Texas location, which just seems like even more of a slap in the face because if a gay man didn't come up with that name, it at least is one that seems tailored to appeal to gays. The Sassy Feet Dance Squad giveth and taketh.

Palin's visit and subsequent posting of her photos is just a way to say, "Homosexuals, I hate you," without saying, "Homosexuals, I hate you." I'd call it "innovative," except it's the same thing Rick Santorum did when he tweeted about his visit to the chain, the same thing Mike Huckabee did when he called for a Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. These are gentle jabs of hatred, ways of being completely cowardly about offensiveness. Palin's pictures are perfect relics of the modern bigot: the kind of person who bristles at being called a bigot while spouting bigotry, who expresses her shame alongside the outward expression of shamelessness because she knows, deep down, that subjugation of human life is fucked up.

A chickenshit move in a chicken eatery, this is social cannibalism.