Conspiracy theorists have already speculated that President Obama somehow orchestrated the massacre in Aurora, Colorado, but a political billboard in Idaho aims to link Obama and the shooter thematically.

On one side, a picture of James Holmes with the text, "Kills 12 in a movie theater with assault rifle, everyone freaks out." On the other side, a picture of Obama, accompanied by, "Kills thousands with foreign policy, wins Nobel Peace Prize."

The billboard is the work of the Ralph Smeed Foundation. But however inflammatory it is, the group swears it is not designed to represent a direct link between Obama and Holmes. As group member Maurice Clements put it—

We're all outraged over that killing in Aurora, Colorado, but we're not outraged over the boys killed in Afghanistan. We're not saying that Obama is a lunatic.

Still, the juxtaposition of the images is designed to provoke a passionate response.

[Image via AP]