After learning that shade-throwing, anti-gay bully Kirk Cameron would be attending the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association in New Jersey this weekend, an idealistic, formerly bullied gay 17-year-old invited Cameron to drop by the Garden State Equality's Youth Caucus. Corey Bernstein's letter reads, in part:

In a kind, respectful and constructive way, we'd like to talk to you about the pain your words about being LGBT have personally caused me and other LGBT youth. If you can't join us for lunch that Saturday – when we youth will be meeting regardless – but can meet us at another time that weekend, we will do everything to make the timing convenient for you.

Mr. Cameron, words casting negative judgments about LGBT people not only perpetuate prejudice in our wider society, but also hurt LGBT youth in particular. Some of your public comments about being LGBT have devastated us LGBT youth. We yearn to grow up in a world that provides us dignity and safety. That is our simple, most heartfelt dream.

Bernstein heard back from Cameron's manager Mark Craig and, surprise surprise, the actor or whatever you want to call him has declined the invitation:

My name is Mark Craig and I am Kirk's manager. His schedule is quite hectic with his movie Monumental and working on a new one at the same time, as well as his Love Worth Fighting For events.

He usually flies in the day of the event and after the event is actually traveling to the next one. Because of this intense schedule, there is not time to set up extra meetings like you are suggesting. That being said I would normally just write a simple reply, "Thanks for your invitation, however Kirk's schedule will not permit," but because you have taken some time to share some of your feelings, Kirk asked me to personally thank you on his behalf for your kind invitation and is very sorry he can not attend because of the schedule that weekend. I also want to thank you for taking the time to write and share your heart in your letter.

For this reason, I want to share this thought with you, from someone who sees and works with Kirk almost everyday of the year - I promise you his goal is not one of trying to hurt people in any way, in fact it is just the opposite. He has a concern for their well being - not only now, but eternally. He goes out to share a positive message through events like this weekend and I assure you he will only be presenting a positive/ inspiring message.

I would like to suggest if you really are interested in Kirk's thoughts on the matter, you can listen online to the interviews and comments Kirk has shared where he was given ample time to communicate his heart and thoughts. I hope you can attend the event and see for yourself.

Love Worth Fighting For is "an incredible event that is designed to fireproof marriages," says Cameron, despicably plugging his movie while shitting on people's rights. Those interviews and comments referenced in Craig's letter are anti-gay and the reason Bernstein invited Cameron to meet with his group in the first place. If you ever need to point at tangible evidence of homophobia's cowardice, look no further.

I had a similar experience with Cameron. Earlier this year, I reviewed Monumental, and I heard from a publicist who took issue with one of my points and then assured me that my perception of Cameron would change if only I got to know him. OK, lemme get to know him, I thought. I requested an interview but was told that he was no longer doing press and that the best I could hope for was something off the record, and even that never happened. Again: surprise, surprise.

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