A McDonald's in Croatia allegedly stayed open and served food without interruption despite the fact that a woman had dropped dead inside the store and her body remained in the corner for nearly 90 minutes.

Police in Šibenik told British tabloid The Sun that word of the woman's death came from the restaurant at around 7:45 PM, and the coroner arrived to retrieve the body at around 9. "We did not order the closure of the restaurant but at this point we cannot say for sure if food preparation was happening," said the spokeswoman.

The woman reportedly passed away of a heart attack shortly after complaining of feeling ill. Her body was moved from the counter, where she collapsed, to the corner, and a napkin was placed over her face after resuscitation efforts failed.

McDonald's officials insist that, while the drive-thru section did continue to operate normally, the rest of the store was closed to patrons.

At least one customer disputes this claim, telling The Sun, "no-one closed the restaurant, which would normally have been done at any other place, especially a fast food restaurant."

[photo via Shutterstock]