The public relations industry is dogged in its pursuit of money, a doggone shame, a hired gun without a dog in the fight, the crisis management version of hair of the dog. This is PR Dummies: watching corporate America rim dogs, once a week.

Pfizer has one of the largest marketing budgets in the world. One can only imagine how much they spend on consultants to strategically develop their online marketing campaigns. The email from our tipster read, in its entirety: "Our friends at Pfizer offer a fine product called Rimadyl. In order to market this product to vet clinics and canine lovers everywhere, they suggest you visit their website I think perhaps they need to send their marketing team to before they suggest people engage in this behavior."

And here it is. is also If you're not a Rimadog community member already, you can sign up to Rimadog.

That's Pfizer, the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company. A name you can trust, when it's time to Rimadog.

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