Here's a Shamu-sized dose of reality for those too ignorant to understand nature: Freeing the captive whales in SeaWorld and other aquatic theme parks will only result in an uncontrollable uprising by these underwater velociraptors. According to this 2010 LiveScience article, Nancy Black, a "marine biologist" with Monterey Bay Whale Watch, says that "[Killer Whales] have never killed a human in the wild."

Of course she did. She's a shill for the enemy. She's most likely cut some sort of deal with the whales in order to spare herself and her family from attack. And as you can plainly see from the terrifying footage above, killer whales are now intent on attacking us even if we're not riding on their backs or making them bounce beach balls off their noses.

Granted, the footage could be completely fake—but it does serve as a terrifying vision of the future if these "giant wild sea puppies" are suddenly let out of their water zoos anytime soon. Need more evidence? Take this innocent kayaker, just paddling along, enjoying a gorgeous day until....

As far as we can tell, the kayak was not full of mackerel and the kayaker did not hold up a hoop for the whale to jump through, so this attack was completely unprovoked. So why fill our oceans with even more of these unpredictable creatures, especially ones who are agitated and determined to bring a day of reckoning upon us unseen since the Miocene epoch? When the day comes, make sure you're on the right side of this issue and don't get caught up in all the propaganda whale-sympathizers are putting out there right now. It could cost lives.

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