Since the recession hit, law school degrees have become so toxic and worthless that they are actually worth less than nothing, because not only do they take all of your money and leave in crushing debt but you can't even get a job with them any more and if you could the job would be horrible. So—how to make a law degree even worse? That took the mindpower that only Yale can offer.

Let's see... the only field I know that offers as little reward for years of intellectual drudgework as law school is... academia itself. Could we somehow combine the ridiculous life-on-a-magical island gulf between academia and the real world with the indignities of law school to create some sort of Frankenstein's Monster of a Bad Degree? Let's make that shit a Ph.D program, too—so they can spend years after law school engaged in parsing rarefied academic constructs and emerge, in their 30s, completely unequipped for reality ready to become law professors who, in turn, create replicas of themselves, like a menacing army of law school monsters. From Inside Higher Ed:

According to Yale Law School's website, applicants to the Ph.D. program do not need to have practical law experience. Since they must have their J.D. in hand when applying, applicants will have spent at least one year out of law school before entering the Ph.D. program, but according to the website, this can be "experience in a pursuit largely unrelated to law."

You can get a Ph.D for free, not counting the cost in precious years of your life. The charge to be taught by one of these purely academic Ph.D's will be one million dollars, per semester. Don't worry. Law school is a bet that never loses.

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