How desperate is crumbling Baltimore, Maryland for a population infusion now that those "see where The Wire was filmed!" bus tours are growing less popular? The city is actually not using every last dollar in its law enforcement budget to chase down and harass brown-skinned immigrants in a desperate attempt to focus the anger of the majority on a target that cannot fight back. Has Baltimore really fallen this far?

Just consider the catalog of non-aggressive, pro-civility outrages in this Washington Post story, which reveals that Baltimore has grown so hungry for anything to rescue it from post-industrial decline that it is—in a move that goes against everything that America stands for— rolling out the welcome mat for the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to be free. Where will the madness end?

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D) has told Latinos, in particular, that she is counting on them to help Baltimore gain 10,000 families within a decade. As a first step, she signed an order in March prohibiting police and social agencies from asking anyone about immigration status - and in the order, she explicitly asked federal immigration authorities to tell anyone they arrest that they are not agents of the city.

What's next—a government declaration that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights? Save us, Sheriff Joe!

[Washington Post. Photo: Keith Allison/ Flickr]