The Los Angeles City Council has ruled to ban medical marijuana dispensaries, shutting down as many as 900 dispensaries in 30 days.

From the AP story—

The city has fumbled with its medical marijuana laws for years, trying to provide safe and affordable access to the drug for legitimate patients while addressing worries by neighborhood groups that streets were being overrun by dispensaries and pot users.

Because, you know, dangerous gangs of pot users are roaming around, trying to lure your children into a life of sin. Seriously, this is bullshit. Have you ever been attacked by someone high on THC? No, you haven't, unless you are a sandwich.

If anything, L.A.'s easy access to medical marijuana has put drug dealers out of business. Which means, silver lining for the criminal element, this dispensary ban is good news to those who want to sell it on the black market. More hassle and more crime? We can't lose.

On the bright side, a new ordinance may allow 182 current dispensaries to continue operating. They would just have new, more restrictive (buzzkill) regulations. Small collectives could also distribute marijuana from the privacy of their homes.

Councilman Jose Huizar, who introduced the "gentle ban," said, "Relief is on the way." Relief from what? Non-existent marijuana-induced crime? Having to walk past lots of storefronts with green crosses on Melrose?

Perhaps he means relief from "abuse" of the system, in which patients who maybe don't need medical marijuana are still able to get it. The harm of average citizens enjoying marijuana recreationally is dubious, at best. But hey, why let logic inform these decisions?

[Image via Flickr/dankdepot]