Cult burger chain In-N-Out opened up their latest foreign pop-up stand in Singapore this morning, only to shut down after five minutes having sold out of patties.

Upon learning of the impromptu stand through social networks, curious Singaporeans rushed to line up for a chance to chow down on one of the California-based company's legendary Animal Style burgers.

By 9:30 AM — an hour-and-a-half prior to the stand's official opening time — all 300 wristbands had been handed out and some 300 hungry souls had to be turned away. The pop-up was originally scheduled to remain open for four hours.

A similar pop-up experiment in Australia lasted a full 23 minutes before being forced to close due to lack of food.

Despite the voracious reception, In-N-Out expressly stated that they will not be opening a Singapore branch anytime soon.

"To guarantee freshness, we deliver our patties, buns, and produce to the restaurant via our own delivery trucks," the company said on its Facebook page. "In order for our trucks to make deliveries and still maintain our standard of freshness, we simply can't consider building a restaurant if the area is too far away."

[photos via Instagram, Tumblr]