A little girl in Spencer, Mass., has learned the hard way that adults are nothing more than slightly taller know-it-all children, after an encounter with a bat and a woman who knows an awful lot about bats for someone who knows nothing about bats has resulted in a series of summer fun rabies treatments.

10-year-old Jojo O'Keefe told CBS Boston that, after a bat fell out of a tree in a crowded picnic area at the town beach last Tuesday, several kids crowded around to take a closer look. Then one adult woman with a degree in bat biology lot of self confidence picked up the wild animal and began inviting the assembled children to pet and hold it.

When one girl asked if the bat would bite her, the woman brushed away the child's concerns, saying "No, it's the friendliest thing ever."

So Jojo reached in for a touch.

Unlike the One True Friendliest Thing Ever (which, let's be real, is almost certainly a dog), the bat in question was a biter. It latched on to Jojo's finger, drawing blood.

After hearing what happened, Jojo's mother retrieved the animal, which subsequently tested positive for rabies. Jojo immediately began receiving preventative shots.

Once rabies reaches the central nervous system, it is almost always fatal.

While Jojo was the only child bitten, there are still concerns that the bat's rabid saliva could have seeped into a cut or scrape on another child's hand and infected them, so Board of Health officials are currently in a panic rushing to alert parents to take their children to a doctor if they were around the bat last Tuesday.

The Cool Mom who's not like those Lame Moms who don't let their kids stay up late or play with bats or cut up tin cans with razor blades has not yet been identified. Meanwhile, Jojo's take on the incident's adult involvement displays a bit of wisdom that will serve her well the rest of her life:

"Everything they said was kind of wrong."

[CBS Boston // Image via Getty]