Yesterday it was revealed that HBO may have fudged some of the critical acclaim The Newsroom was receiving, but now it may have lost the one man unbowed by the naysayers and willing to effusively praise it each week. HBO curbed its screener release at episode four, and so America's most visceral recapper's stint is over for now.

HBO did say they appreciated Rather's support and asked if would be able to continue without them. The answer, sadly, is no.

After speaking with Rather's people yesterday, it was determined a late Sunday night turnaround wasn't feasible since his own real life news show takes precedence over Aaron Sorkin's fairytale one. But they did say that there is a possibility for a triumphant return of Big Dan at the end of the season because, as you may know, he "really enjoys the show."

We hope he stays on board. For now, courage.