On the advice of a friend, Utah's mysterious "Goat Man" has revealed that he is not just another guy wandering the mountains dressed as a goat — he's actually a hunter testing the efficacy of his goat-themed hunting disguise.

The unidentified 57-year-old from Southern California (or South Carolina) was spotted by a hiker on Ben Lomond Peak near Ogden earlier this month. "We were the only ones around for miles," said Coty Creighton. "It was real creepy."

According to an official from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, the man came to the Beehive State in search of goat herds among which he could train. He is planning an archery hunt next year and hopes the suit — a hooded fleece-covered painter's uniform — will help him score more game.

Reached for comment, Creighton said he was sorry to see the mystery resolved. "I thought I wanted answers, but I was naive," he told the Standard-Examiner. "I should have left well enough alone. Now I just want the mystery back."

[screengrabs via KSL]