According to, 22-year-old Conservative Republican Mindy Meyer of Flatbush is the first Orthodox Jewish woman to run for a seat in the New York State Senate.

On her website, Meyer claims she's also the "first young woman" in New York history to run for State Senate.

Whether or not those statements are accurate, Meyer is most certainly the first New York Senate candidate to reference LMFAO in her official campaign slogan.

"I'm senator and I know it," reads the banner welcoming visitors to Meyer's sparkly pink website that, if nothing else, will undoubtedly set her apart from her suddenly staid rivals.

But Meyer is more than just a recipient of an honorary doctorate from the Lisa Frank School of Website Design. In fact, she has a whole page devoted to her thoughts on issues ranging from Stop & Frisk to Poverty & Unemployment, all under the leopard-skinned header "Diva of the District."

Democrat Kevin Parker, who is currently repping for Meyer's district (21), probably won't lose much sleep over Meyer's challenge (unless he visits her site, which plays LMFAO on a continuous loop), but there's certainly nothing wrong with a little sparkly competition.

UPDATE: "I've heard that by comparison, I'm sure [my website] is boring," said Meyer's opponent, State Sen. Kevin Parker. "Although I'm not concerned being that no one's ever won an election based on something on their website."

[H/T: Politicker, screengrab via Mindy Meyer 4 Senate]