Katy Perry's back-up rapper, Snoop Dogg, is set to release a reggae album under the name "Snoop Lion" later this year.

Pitchfork reported on Saturday that the LP is titled "Reincarnated." Its first single, "La La La," is already floating around the Internet, impervious to your harsh judgement, haters. The track was regular-level produced by Ariel Rechtshaid and Diplo, and executive produced by Major Lazer, which is also Diplo.

If you like, you can give "La La La" a listen over at SoundCloud, or you can just think to yourself "What might it sound like if Snoop Dogg affected a Jamaican accent and sang some reggae?" It sounds exactly like that.

You can also watch the video, which consists of extended shots of a record spinning on a turntable while the song plays. Snoop has been spamming random celebrities (like Lamar Odom and Randi Zuckerberg) with links to it on Twitter for a couple days.

As to why he made the jump from dog[g] to lion instead of wolf[f], it's likely due to the significance of the Lion of Judah to Rastafarian culture. (The Lion is regarded as a symbol of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie I, whom Rastafarians revere as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.)

Snoop announced on Twitter earlier this year that he would be releasing his twelfth solo album alongside a documentary, so maybe it's a Joaquin Phoenix thing?

Or maybe this is just who he is now.

Deal widdit.

[Pitchfork via Rolling Stone // SoundCloud // Image via Getty]