What happens when enterprising citizens of the world's cheekiest nation, Great Britain, are saddled with the insane brand protection regulations of the London Olympics? It sparks a cheekiness arms race to see who can most cheekily get around the rules.

So far, this shopkeeper in the southwest London neighborhood of Surbiton gets the Gold Medal in the Cheekiness Olympics. But the creative misspelling may not be enough to appease the army of hundreds of "brand police" scouring city streets to enforce rules that ban even the words "London" and "Summer" from any advertiser who doesn't pay approximately $500 billion to the International Olympics Committee.

We'll give the Silver to this cheeky artist, with his unauthorized cheeky reinterpretations of the Abbey Road cover where all the Beatles are holding Olympics rings. He's probably already doing hard time smelting Official London 2012™ Coca-Cola bottle caps in a Brand Reeducation Camp on the Falkland Islands. Not so cheeky now, huh, punk?

[Via SpaceHijackers, Image via Tompsk/Twitter]