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Wesley and his giant ball sac (160 lbs., 6 feet in circumference), which he likens to a "very, very juicy Thanksgiving turkey" were featured on last night's episode of TLC's Strange Sex. This segment bummed me the fuck out. See how far you can make it through the segment above, in which the origin and then consequences of Wesley's condition are laid out. (He waddles everywhere with a sweatshirt holding his humongous bits...er, bit, in place.) When his home healthcare worker, Passion (that is her name for real), describes how "the balls have grown over the penis," I despair.

Wesley suffers from scrotal lymphedema and seems to think that it will cost millions of dollars to get his scrotum worked on, despite his having health insurance. It's growing at a rate of 50 lbs., per year. At the end of his segment, there is a title that reads, "Dr. Goldenstein has offered to find an affordable surgical team to conduct Wesley's operation...but Wesley remains hesitant." The show never really gets to the bottom of his attachment to his sac, but it seems like maybe he digs its uniqueness? However, sometimes the thing that makes you stick out should really be removed — especially when it's a giant, fluid-filled scrotum that is blocking access to your penis.