Are you ready to meet your new American Idol judge?

Well, too bad, because nothing's official yet. But MTV News is reporting that Mariah Carey is finalizing her contract to join the reality competition.

If the deal goes through, Carey will be joining the show to replace former judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, both of whom announced they would not be returning to American Idol earlier this month.

Carey's unspoken role will be to raise interest in a series that was once event television for many and has transitioned to this weird pop culture phenomenon that just won't go away. She'll also have to act like American Idol still matters — which seems like hard work, but Carey was very good in Precious.

If she's hired, Carey will reportedly earn $17 million for one season, a big "fuck you" to the $15 million Britney Spears is making over at The X Factor.

[Image via Manuil Yamalyan/]