While we eagerly await Will McAvoy having the guts to openly demand stricter gun control laws two years from now, Newsroom creator Aaron Sorkin has canned his entire writing staff, this despite decent ratings and second season renewal. Oh, but he did keep one writer: ex-girlfriend Corinne Kingsbury.

Whoa hey, mass layoffs? Blatant cronyism? I don't think EDWARD R. MURROW would approve of such sordid business. Would it kill Aaron Sorkin to watch a film or pick up a newspaper once in a while so that his actions don't seem so culturally tone deaf? I asked one Hollywood writer for his perspective on the firings:

Firing the entire staff of a show that got renewed is military grade villainy. Shows get renewed and people make decisions—get engaged, have children, etc —because it's so rare to be part of something successful out here. To be fired, en masse, is a petulant act that added IMMENSE amounts of stress to dozens of lives because he's a whiny bitch, upset he's not getting his customary chub-huffing from the press on that show.