Reddit user "themurderator" posted a series of images of himself after he was wounded in last night's Dark Knight shootings in Aurora, Colorado.

The images, also posted to Instagram and tumblr, surfaced on Reddit with the following:

I am one of the 50 wounded in the aurora theatre shooting. Here are a few photos of my very lucky but nonethless terrifying brush with death. My thoughts go out to those less fortunate than me.

On Instragram, also under the name themurderator, an image of the bullet wound was posted with the introduction, "SO… THIS IS WHERE THE BULLET GRAZED MY BACK… LONG STORY."

Update: According to this Facebook profile, tweeted by David Weiner, Chris Rapoza is Reddit user themurderator and the man in the images above. About 7 hours ago he updated his Facebook to read:

perry and i were just at a midnite showing of batman in colorado when some fucking psycho decided to open fire on the crowd. i was grazed in the back with a bullet but am fine. perry is unscathed, but unfortunately has lost her shoes. a lot of other people weren't so lucky...

i've been inspected by a number of paramedics and they've given me the okay to get to the hospital for stitches on my own. just wanted to get it out there now so that everyone knows i'm okay.

[Via Reddit]