For just $2,400 a month, you can live the high-class presidential lifestyle Barack Obama lived back when he was a broke college student.

Daily Intel noticed Thursday that the President's two-bedroom Upper West Side apartment is back on the market – and that the rent has jumped $500 since it was last put up for rent two years ago.

The description of the place on the CitiHabitats website notes that it is "fully renovated with lots of charm," realtor jargon for "pretty average but horrifically small." It also boasts "generous closet space," which was no doubt installed to accomodate the serious Manolo Blahnik habit Obama developed as a quirky writer penning a weekly sex column for The New York Star. (The President lived there during his junior year at Columbia University. He probably wasn't even getting laid back then.)

It is unknown whether on Sundays Obama would "lounge around, drinking coffee and solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, bare-chested, wearing a blue and white sarong" in this apartment, as he did in later New York digs, according to his first serious girlfriend Genevieve Cook.

But he definitely did sleep in a sleeping bag there for warmth because it used to get really cold during winter time.

(Very charming though.)

[Daily Intel // Image via CitiHabitats]