Tinglan Hong, the mother of Hugh Grant's infant daughter, has just won a pledge from a leading celebrity photo agency promising not to actively make her life miserable (within 100 meters of her home) because she had sex with Hugh Grant that one time.

The Guardian reports that Splash News, which recently uploaded some fun new pictures of Miley Cyrus Just Bein' Miley in a long denim jumpsuit, promised "not to doorstep, pursue or harass Tinglan Hong or her child with paparazzi photography or place either of them under surveillance or approach within 100 metres of their home." An order from the U.K. High Court made the pledge official.

Grant's baby daughter, Tabitha, was born last fall. In an official birth announcement, Grant's representative described her as the product of "a fleeting affair." So the child never forgets that she was a total unplanned oh-God-what-seriously accident, her parents also gave her a Chinese name that translates as "Happy Surprise." (Hong is Chinese.)

Grant has been on a campaign to curb paparazzi intrusion into Hong's life for some time. In a statement given as part of a court investigation into the News of the World phone hacking scandal, he described how Hong had endured threatening phonecalls and an extended "siege" on her doorstep from photographers and even testifying that fear of paparazzi prevented him from attending the birth of his daughter. (Grant was off speaking at a political conference that day. Fear of paparazzi did not prevent him from visiting mother and baby at the hospital the day after.)

Last year, Hong told the court her life had been made "unbearable" by media scrutiny, and blamed one photographer for causing her to crash her car.

Here's the picture of her (with Grant) you would have felt bad searching for after reading all that.

In his testimony, Grant suggested the aggressive level of pursuit on Hong and his daughter suggests he is "being made an example of," for speaking out against "tabloid abuse."

If any Splash News photographers do find themselves within 100 meters of Hong's home now that the pledge has gone into effect, they might try bumbling, fumbling, and being charming in a British accent until everyone falls in love with them and all is forgiven.

[The Guardian // Image via Getty]