Police in Idaho arrested a man last week after he allegedly posted a Craigslist ad asking random men to break into his home and rape his wife.

The 32-year-old Twin Falls resident reportedly put up an ad on the "casual encounters" section of Craigslist claiming his wife "wanted to be forcibly raped as that was a fantasy of hers." Police say he told potential rapists "not stop no matter how much she resisted."

According to prosecutors, the man's wife had no knowledge of her husband's ad before Saturday, when she was attacked by a home invader for the second time in as many days. Police arrived at the couple's home to find the wife pointing a gun at a man, identified as Michael Combs, and took him into custody.

The husband, a National Guardman who was away at work at the time, was forced to admit to siccing Combs on his wife after police found evidence of their email exchange on his cellphone.

He is currently being held on $100,000 bond; a preliminary hearing is scheduled for later this month.

The first attacker, who fled after the wife's gun went off during their struggle, is still at large.