Doug Guller, owner of the Austin-based "breastaurant" chain Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, has appointed himself the mayor of Bankersmith, Texas after purchasing the one-horse, two-acre ghost town for a bargin basement price through Craigslist.

Guller has big plans for Bankersmith: For one, he's renamed it Bikinis.

"Bikinis, TX will be a world class destination and I am thrilled to expand the Bikinis brand to include town ownership," said Guller in a statement.

"We want it to be a big playground," he told Eater Austin. "We're going to have some live music and put in a dance hall." Additionally, he plans to turn the town's post office and general store into an entertainment complex with a Biff Tannen-like "hall-of-fame Bikinis retrospective."

A run-down 1950's Skyliner cruise bus sitting on his property will become a bar — one of many in what Guller hopes will be the bar capital of America. "We may look into doing the most bars per square foot," he said.

And much, much more:

Currently the mayor's working on clean up and creating a Bikinis Bill Of Rights and Bikinis Declaration of Independence. There may someday be "Bikinis bucks" as currency. What is two acres now will someday be up to fifty, says Guller, complete with camping areas.

Guller hopes to open Bikinis Township to the public by the Spring of 2013, but may invite wayward travelers to visit during "key weekends throughout the year."

[screengrab via KTBC]