"The Borowitz Report," a satirical news website written by Andy Borowitz, will now be hosted on the website of The New Yorker, the legendary weekly magazine that once published James Thurber and Dorothy Parker. Borowitz, unsurprisingly, has been a long-time contributor to "Shouts and Murmurs"; now, as a flagship blogger for the website, he'll join Malcolm Gladwell, David Denby, Jonah Lehrer and Adam Gopnik as one of the magazine's best-known names.

His first "Borowitz report," published today, is a jape suggesting that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has chosen the famous Monopoly mascot Rich "Uncle" Pennybags as his vice-presidential candidate — a joke that plays both on recent news reports about Romney's pending announcement of his vice-presidential selection, as well as the widespread perception of Romney as obscenely wealthy and out-of-touch.