Nearly fifteen years after the airing of a Seinfeld episode that gently poked fun at the incomprehensibility of many New Yorker cartoons, the august Condé Nast property is gently poking fun at itself by republishing the cartoon featured in that episode, and asking readers to caption it.

A brief refresher: In 1998's "The Cartoon," Elaine famously confronts a New Yorker editor who admits he too doesn't understand the cartoon that stumped her — he just "liked the kitty." Elaine then tries her hand at drawing a New Yorker cartoon, which she succeeds in getting the magazine to publish. It is later revealed that she accidentally plagiarized Ziggy.

Elaine's cartoon, which depicts a pig complaining that he wishes he were taller, is featured in the New Yorker as this week's caption contest. You have until Sunday to submit your own for a chance to have your entry picked to appear in the publication.

Sorry, "I can't find my receipt, my place is a sty" and "my wife is a slut" are both taken.

[H/T: Uproxx, image via The New Yorker]