Following a three-week trolling campaign organized by Something Awful goons David "Arr" Thorpe and Jon "Fart" Hendren, the results are in: Energy-strips-shilling hip hop artist Pitbull will be packing his warmest parka, and heading to Kodiak, Alaska for a visit to the most remote Walmart in America.

But wait - there's more.

In a teaser announcing his impending trip to the frozen tundra, Pitbull extended an offer to Thorpe to join his expedition.

"guess whos invited 2 the @Walmart in kodiak w/ me!!! bring ur @Sheets... its a loonggggg flight ;) @Arr daleeeee!!!" Pitbull tweeted a short while ago.

"Good news: I'll definitely go to Alaska with @Pitbull," Thorpe replied. "Bad news: I've been trying to grow a beard in preparation and it's NOT going well."

Asked if he was going to Alaska as well, Hendren replied, "only if i can chill out on my phone in the background during it."

[video via Pitbull]