Here's Romney surrogate John Sununu on Fox News telling Megyn Kelly someone that President Obama "has no idea how the American system functions" because "he spent his early years in Hawaii smoking something [and] spent the next set of years in Indonesia."

Which, okay. Indonesia is technically not America, so, maybe the fact that Obama spent four years there as a child might somehow undermine the several decades the president has lived and worked under "the American system." And sure, Hawaii is technically one of the famous "United States" of America, but it's very far away from Real America, which is located in, I think, (non-urban) Ohio. But "smoking something" (it's called weed, bro)? Smoking weed is un-American? Since when?

Look, I live in a city; I was an English major; I'm not an expert. Most of what I know about real America I learned from beer commercials and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. But I've studied them closely, and I've learned something about real America. I've learned that its core value isn't family or tradition or Jesus or Support the Troops. The core value of real America is "fuck you, man." This is the value that unites Americans - the value of doing donuts in the 7-11 parking lot; the value of shoplifting stuff you don't need; the value of giving your dad the finger because he's being a real asshole. And, yes, the value of hotboxing your Civic during lunch break - of spending an entire afternoon trying to build a gravity bong from stuff you found in your dorm trash - of insistently and exaggeratedly performing your high-ness to everyone in the room. This is the value lived and breahte upon which real America rests.

Smoking weed isn't just an American activity. It's the American activity. And it's sickening that John Sununu is implying otherwise.

[video via Buzzfeed]