Not only is glamourous Google VP Marissa Mayer the new CEO of Yahoo, she's pregnant and expecting a boy in October, reports Fortune. Mayer is married to venture capitalist Zachary Brogue. TechCrunch suggests Mayer may be the first pregnant CEO of a Fortune 500 company ever.

Technically, who cares if she's pregnant, right! But given such trailblazing status, and certain Atlantic cover stories, many eyes will be on Mayer as she deals with the both the demands of exorcising the Ghost of Geocities Past from Yahoo's dreary corridors and new parenthood. Luckily she is extremely rich and she and her husband are locked in an insane workaholic mind-meld that makes them as productive as approximately twelve normal humans. She'll do it all and probably still somehow find time to plod through a half marathon or two.

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