Rich poor person Lana Del Ray was named the new face of H&M's fall and winter advertising campaigns, WWD reports.

Promotional photos released Monday show Del Rey doing her One Thing – standing around embodying the turbulent political and cultural climate of the Sixties by looking sort of disappointed.

Lana Del Rey recently shocked the world by imagining in a music video what it might be like if America had a Black president. (The answer is the same as it is for all hypotheticals posed by Lana Del Rey: It would be like the Sixties.)

WWD reports that the H&M gig is Del Rey's first modeling job, though one could argue that every music video she has released since murdering her less attractive precursor, Lizzy Grant, has been more of a modeling job than anything.

As part of the deal, Del Rey performed a cover of "Blue Velvet" for a "minifilm" that will be released on on September 19th. The film will also be "distributed globally" (you're welcome, world). Edited versions will serve as TV ads for H&M and sadness.

Donald Schneider, H&M's creative director, told WWD the mood of the campaign "is very L.A. noir," so look for Del Rey to become even more jaded, gloomy, and dead-eyed femme fatalistic over the next few months.

[WWD // Image via H&M]