WKRN-TV in Nashville reports that police arrested 37-year-old Henry Baxter for the murder of his adoptive father last Friday, but that's not the weird part.

The victim's headless body was discovered Thursday in a vacant lot by a mail carrier. His head was found the next morning in a garbage can. That's not the weird part.

The body was identified as that of 48-year-old Erman Thompson after Baxter, Thompson's tattoo artist and murderer (and son), verified his tattoos for police. That's not the weird part.

Thompson was only 11 years older than his adoptive son. That's not the weird part.

One of Thompson's tattoos was of the letters "FTW" on his left shoulder. That, though, is not the weird part.

Baxter shot and killed Thompson after the two had an argument about Thompson's wife (Baxter's adoptive mother). Baxter subsequently beheaded Thompson with a shovel. That's not the weird part.

Baxter told police that, like Mr. Thompson, he too had fathered a child with Mrs. Thompson; police confirm that both children (plus a third believed to have been fathered by another man) were living with the Thompsons when the murder took place.

There it is.

[WKRN-TV // Image via Dzzzz for Shutterstock]