New Yorker editor David Remnick, who really is a mighty fine journalist in his own right and who has shepherded his magazine through an extended period of excellence, is a man whose opinions on matters journalistic should be paid heed. Except for his opinion about that twee little pastry fetishist Francophile yuppie shit, Adam Gopnik.

"Bullshit. That's what New Yorker editor David Remnick thinks of Gopnik's critics," according to this new Gopnik profile in the Ryerson Review of Journalism. "As far as Remnick is concerned, 'The day any of these people write anything even remotely as fine and intelligent as Adam Gopnik will be a cold day in hell.'"

David Remnick believes that James Wolcott has never written anything even remotely as fine and intelligent as Adam Gopnik.

Despite this bizarre blind spot, which evidences a rather grievous lack of taste and judgment, we still believe David Remnick to be a journalist of the highest quality.

Adam Gopnik is still the living embodiment of unbearable smugness.

[RRJ. Photo: Getty]