In the economy, as in life, men are first in, last out, on top, and super successful. (And deserving.) Yes, the recession was a hard time for everyone. But everyone, whether man or woman, will be happy to learn that men are getting themselves back on track, more than women.

Watch out ladies—coming through. From the LAT:

Since the recession ended in June 2009, men have landed 80% of the 2.6 million net jobs created, including 61% in the last year.

Just a tiny bit of good old-fashioned math will tell you that after the recession when the jobs started coming back everybody was all, "Can I hire some men? I tend to prefer to hire men. Got any men, to work in my jobs? I'd really rather have men." And then men got all the jobs and they looked around and kind of tugged the dude's sleeve and they were like hey, this looks bad, toss the ladies a bone and whatnot, and now some ladies are getting a few jobs for themselves too, which is nice. The technical thing happening according to economic experts is that men's jobs are rebounding while many women's jobs are not rebounding, and in the traditionally women's jobs that are rebounding, men are taking those jobs, because look, let's face facts here, men need jobs, for money. (For the ladies!)

If it makes you feel any better they're mostly service industry jobs, which should really be women's work. Times are tough. (For men.)

[Photo: AP]