As the entire legal profession has crumbled into little more than a white collar version of janitorial services, times have gotten tough—not just for recent law school grads, but for everyone unfortunate enough to work at a law firm. Naturally, the days of luxurious, opulent law firm offices are over. Uh... in favor of something better!

This WSJ story details the perfectly logical degradation of lawyers' office space, due to the fact that law firms don't have any money, to pay rent. Most attorneys will soon be working exclusively out of McDonald's restaurants that offer free wi-fi. Of course. Yet our nation's sharpest legal minds are putting their highly-trained skills of persuasion to use, explaining why their offices are still really very nice.

"Modern law offices in New York and Washington, D.C., now feature break areas designed to lure lawyers out from behind their desks and sleek cafeterias that can double as group workspaces." = The shitty lawyers are now assigned office space in the kitchen.

"And as more attorneys share secretaries, some firms are using interior space once occupied by administrative staff to house junior lawyers." = Your desk is in the lobby now.

"Other British firms have gone even further, switching to open-plan offices where lawyers sit at workstations separated by glass partitions." = You work at a cubicle farm.

150 square feet—of noble profession!

[WSJ. Photo: puer.aeternus/ Flickr]