Last week, Daniel Tosh, a 37-year-old professional comedian, told a heckler that it would be funny if she were "raped by like five guys." The incident launched a week-long interent-based discussion about the limits of stand-up and several comedians came to Tosh's defense. In any event, it was one heat-of-the-moment joke, Tosh himself has apologized, and he can wash his hands of the incident, right? Yes, sure, as soon as he finishes taking all of the rape jokes out of the pilot for his new show. Via RumorFix:

RumorFix has learned exclusively that producers and editors are scrambling to take out any reference to rape in the pilot episode of Daniel Tosh's new animated series, Brickleberry. [...]

"Everyone is freaking out, because most of the pilot is about rape," our source says.

Yikes. I am not like a "professional" psychiatrist, but Daniel Tosh is very... interested in rape, huh?