Whew. That recession! Amirite? That sure was a hairy few years. *Sips cognac ostentatiously* Welp. Reckon it's just about time for a brand new housing bubble, no?

New home starts are up nearly 30 percent over a year ago to an annual rate of more than 700,000, according to the most recent report from the Commerce Department.... A separate measure of home construction, permits for new homes, rose in May to an annual rate of 780,000 - its highest level in nearly four years.

Construction spending is up. Home builders' stock prices are up. Of course we'll have to wait for those 2 million foreclosed homes and those 11 million underwater homeowners to, you know, clear out of the system before we can really get things moving again, but. At this growth rate, home building will be back to full-on 2006 insane bubble levels in just a couple more years! And that means one thing for the average American like you: opportunity.

After all, only half of you will grow up to be better off than your parents were. Unless you go for it. By borrowing every last cent you can and buying a condo in the Phoenix exurbs. You can flip it for double the price in six months! Or, just bet on the single roll of a roulette wheel. Either way: opportunity is back—in America!

[WaPo. Photo: desinatednaphour/ Flickr]