Pickled celery stalk Jon Voight has rushed to Jane Pitt's defense after the charming love letter she wrote to Missouri's Springfield News-Leader surfaced last week. "Good for her," for expressing her homophobic views, Voight told Fox News.

Brad's Mom. Angie's Dad. Is there possibly a future here? Think about it. Their shared passion for writing ignorant letters and having pretty offspring is the kindling they need to stoke the flames of their conservative love-fire. They'll cook dinners together and drink wine, and Jane will giggle maniacally when Jon comes up behind her in the kitchen. And they'll be deliriously happy, so enthralled with this surprising new thing that's come into their lives, they won't even notice Angelina and Brad sitting on opposite ends of the couch, picking sulkily at the cushions and avoiding eye contact.

It's an American love story.

[Via THR, images from Getty]