In unsurprising news, totally normal and relatable person Mitt Romney was booed by the NAACP today after the Republican presidential nominee promised to eliminate Obamacare (née Romneycare) if elected president. The jeering crowd disrupted Romney for a good fifteen seconds or so before the smirking hair joke weirdo regained control and attempted to smooth things over with a predictably boring story about the Chamber of Commerce.

It wasn't all boos, though. As the BBC put it, the "former Massachusetts governor was clapped as he made his pitch on the economy during Wednesday's speech," which doesn't sound quite right for a few reasons. First of all, "was clapped" literally sounds weird and makes me laugh. Second, it seems odd that the traditionally-liberal NAACP would applaud any part of Romney's economic plan but who knows.

The real ballsy part comes later, though, when Romney said the following:

If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you are looking at him. You take a look.

That's right, NAACP. Take a real good look. What's that? He looks like a smarmy caricature of every non-jowly powerful white guy ever? Huh. Go figure. Wait, he also looks like someone who viciously bullied high-school classmates that he presumed to be gay? Sounds like he's just the guy for the gig.

The NAACP crowd responded to the "Take a look" comment with more boos and one guy even yelled out, "For real?" Yes, guy, for real.

Photo: AP.