Annie lives in Arglington, VA, and has size 102ZZZ breasts. To say that she "suffers" from gigantomastia would be inaccurate because she seems to love her 85 pounds of boobs and also makes them work for her. Annie has done hundreds of adult movies as "Norma Stitz" (get it?).

My favorite thing about Annie is how blasé she sounds about her endowment. "Why fix something that's not broken?" she breathes when asked about getting a reduction. She says that she's "always imitated but never duplicated," although "always" seems a stretch, especially of skin. On the nature of her porn, she says, "No hardcore. That means no sex."

Annie will be profiled on TLC's Strange Sex, which returns for its third season on Sunday. Thank god for TLC, for real. The network is an unabashed freak show and a gentle one at that — along with inviting us to laugh at, it allows us to laugh with, and if we're so inclined, empathize with the extreme lives it profiles. Without this network, I never would have learned how a person with two-foot fingernails wipes herself in the bathroom, or that a person can go for years drinking gasoline daily and not die. Max Silvestri has a brilliant joke comparing TLC's name change to KFC's — just like Kentucky Fried Chicken was falsely rumored to have to rebrand on account of its genetically engineered chickens no longer being considered chickens, so did The Learning Channel have to snip its name because of the lack of learning that can be extracted from it at this point. But I don't know, I generally feel smarter after I watch.