Americans are weird. You all say that you respect success and achievement, but your actions belie your lies. When will the average American stop waging class war by correctly observing that they are on the losing side of a rigged financial system?

Never before have the "winners" of the American financial system (role models) faced such derision and disrespect from the losers. New polls show that a vast majority of Americans say they distrust banks and believe that corporate America is corrupt, and getting more corrupt. What have the world's successful businesspersons done to deserve such scorn?

How would you, the consumer, feel if someone got right up to the security gate at your vacation compound and yelled that you were untrustworthy and corrupt? How would you feel if people you didn't even know wrote to their politicians and told them to raise your taxes—taking hard-earned money away from your family, your charitable trust, and your tax shelters?

You'd feel bad, I bet. Why can't Americans stop tearing one another down, and start celebrating one another's successes?

In other news today, the rich are growing wealthier as the poor grow poorer, as taxes fall.

Just a little basic respect for the winners goes a long way, losers.

[Photo: Paul Sableman/ Flickr]