Yes, yes, the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce has been settled, but that doesn't mean new details won't continue to emerge.

Like, for example, the fact that Holmes used a disposable cell phone provided by a friend to contact divorce attorneys. This, of course, makes it even more apparent that Cruise was blindsided by the divorce filing, as was Holmes' intention.

That's not all — Holmes hired three law firms in three different states, presumably to make sure she got the best settlement possible.

We can only speculate as to why Holmes went to such great lengths to file for divorce without her husband knowing, but alleged tracking by Scientologists may have inspired some caution. Thanks to what must be an ironclad non-disclosure agreement, she'll likely never spill — but it's clear she wanted out of that marriage, and fast.

Now, divorce is sad and all that, but the more information we get, the more it seems like Katie Holmes found and executed the perfect exit strategy. She's kind of a bad-ass, right?

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