Toni Medrano did a horrible thing: she got drunk, passed out, and ended up smothering her newborn son. She faced two counts of manslaughter in the death of three-week-old Adrian. But Medrano's case will not be going to trial — on July 2, she doused herself in a flammable liquid and set herself on fire.

According to Medrano's mother, her daughter's depression was largely due to a segment on Nancy Grace's HLN show, in which she dubbed Medrano "Vodka Mom."

She was trying to build and get by and live with what happened. When she saw that, it broke her spirit in the worst way.

In the segment, Grace demonstrated how much Medrano had been drinking, and then suggested she be charged with murder instead of manslaughter. "Did Mommy booze it up and kill her baby?" Grace demanded.

Now, there's no denying the heinousness of what Medrano did to her baby, but Grace's coverage brought more public attention to a deeply troubled person.

And this isn't the first time Nancy Grace's evisceration of a person led to a suicide. In 2006, she grilled Melinda Duckett about the disappearance of her son, implying that the mother had not done enough. Duckett later shot herself in the head.

Medrano's story is sad all around, but Grace's self-appointed role as judge, jury, and executioner didn't do anything to help the situation. Legally, of course, Grace is not culpable. County Attorney Pete Orput made it clear that it was Medrano's own decision to set herself on fire.

[Image via AP]