"Given the number of robberies and other crimes where the perpetrators wear hoodies, should the garment be banned in the province. Why or Why Not?"

This is the query the VOCM ("Voice of the Common Man") AM radio station in St. John's, Newfoundland has chosen as its Question of the Day today, Tuesday, June 10.

Listeners (and non-listeners) are invited to weigh in via poll on the station website, with a vote of "Yes," "No," or "Not Sure [Why I Felt Compelled to Vote If I Was Not Sure]."

With 4,340 votes cast so far, the standings are currently:

  • Yes (35%)
  • No (63%)
  • Not Sure (2%)

Pros of hoodies: comfort, added warmth, versatility, and affordability.

Cons: the wearing of them causes people to commit robberies and other crimes. (It should be noted that the majority of crimes occur while the perpetrator is wearing underwear, though the ban-ability of this garment has not yet been presented for public vote.)

Should hoodies be banned in the province? What are the odds a hoodie prohibition would foster a new black market hoodie industry? Will fortunes be made and lost on bootleg hoodies? Should hoodies be allowed but crime be banned? Given the number of Newfoundland robberies and other crimes where the perpetrators are from Newfoundland, should Newfoundlanders be banned from the province? Why or why not?

[VOCM // Image via Shutterstock]