SoHo club Greenhouse has been closed since the June 14 bottle-throwing fight in its basement lounge, W.i.P. Brown. You know, the brawl Drake or Chris Brown or someone else entirely might have started.

Anyway, Greenhouse is finally reopening tomorrow, in case you want to take a pilgrimage to the site where it all went down. But don't plan on throwing any bottles: the club will have heightened security. That means all bags will be inspected, and yes — glasses will be replaced with plastic cups.

Greenhouse would have reopened sooner, but it's kind of hard to operate a club without a liquor license, which the State Liquor Authority suspended citing a history of fights. The club fought against the ruling, saying that it was being put out of business before an official hearing. Today, Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Wright ruled in Greenhouse's favor.

In a statement, Greenhouse said it was happy to be back in business and that, "We will be focused on providing a safe and fun atmosphere for our customers."

I think we can toast to that. Well, with our plastic cups.

[Images via AP/Getty]